ShineCloud Communicator

Communicator allows users to interact with colleagues and customers via all the various media channels including: Deskphones, Softphones, Mobile, Fax, Email, Chat and Video.

Benefits of SC Communicator...

Manage costs

Getrid of that ridiculously expensive phone system and huge phone bills - now!

Work remotely

Access to your phone system capabilities from anywhere in the world.

Reduce workload

Centralising your communication channel management reduces workloads.

Control time

Plan how and when to communicate with your colleagues.

Raise profits

Increase staff productivity and decrease operating costs means higher profits.

Look professional

Customers expect to be able to communicate with your business accross all channels.


SC Communicator oprovides instant messaging client that enables users to chat / group chat, share personal status messages, exchange files and much more. This makes SC Communicator a useful collaboration tool.


Organise meetings with your business associates and co-workers from the comfort of your office. Combined with file transfer and Instant messaging you can achieve efficient collaboration and save significiant amounts of time and money.

Options include...

Video Calling

SC softphone enables users to establish high quality Audio and Video calls to any extension or PSTN number anywhere in the world.

Contacts Management

Shine Cloud Communicator offers faster and more efficient management of connections. With the ability to load and display the system extensions from SC PBX. Gather connections from MS Outlook, Google and Apple address book into one place enabling you to make calls straight from the application.

ShineCloud CRM Module