ShineCloud Features

ShineCloud provides you with high end features right out of the box which will suit most small to medium sized businesses.
Never miss a call
Never lose a contact
Perfect for mobile workers
Promote a professional image
  • Privacy

    • Call ID Blocking
    • Block anonymous calls
    • Block anonymous divert
    • Block anonymous reject
    • Block anonymous divert to voicemail
  • Do Not Disturb

    • DND
    • Place caller on Hold
  • Call transfer

    • Call transfer attended
    • Call transfer unattended
    • Call transfer blind
  • Call Divert

    • Always
    • Busy
    • No Answer
  • Call forwarding

    • Always
    • Busy
    • No Answer
    • Sequential
    • Parallel
    • Overflow
  • Call History

    • Calls made
    • Calls received
    • Calls missed
    • Call search
  • Time based Routing

    At certain times of day you can set incoming calls (for any dialled number) to route to specific devices / extensions

    Set rules for messages and voicemail

  • Extension Dialling

    Quick options for calling other users

  • Last Caller

    • Responsive & touch-friendly
    • Horizontal & vertical accordion
    • Load content with AJAX
    • Slider accordion with images
    • CSS3 transitions with fallback (superfast on mobile & tablet)
    • Semantic HTML5 & SEO friendly
    • Keyboard navigation & WAI-ARIA support
    • 10 unique skins, nested & multiple instances
    • Free updates & support
  • Click to Dial

    Clipboard dialling

    For more advanced click to dial with CRM system see SC communicator...

  • Music on Hold

    • white
    • crystal
    • silver
    • gray
    • black
    • orange
    • red
    • green
    • yellow
    • purple
    • blue
    • lightblue
    • deepblue
  • Call Parking

    What is call parking...

  • Call Group

    Conference calling and Conference Rooms

  • Call Queues

    Allow users to know they are in a queue

  • Call Waiting

    Alert users that a caller is currently waiting

  • Address Book

    • User
    • Shared
    • Company
  • Mobile Twinning

    Mobile rings at same time as deskphone

    See Shine Cloud Mobile for advanced mobile calling features...

  • Voicemail

    • User
    • Group
    • VM to email
    • VM to SMS
  • Fax to Email

    All incoming faxes can be converted to digital files sent via email to chosen destinations.

  • Conferencing

    Conference calling and Conference Rooms

  • Video Calling

    Users need a compatable phone or SC communicator.

Shine Cloud Management Features

Shine Cloud Reporting

When you need detailed reports on call statistics including number of outbound calls, incoming calls answers, missed calls and more SC Reporting offers management greater insights into their business communications.

Shine Cloud Recording

SC Recording offers 30 days basic level encryption audio files that can be downloaded to a PC. Only managers will have access to these recordings. Please note these recordings are not permissable in a court of law.

Shine Cloud Portal

Every user has access to an online portal that provides control over their phone system options such as Voicemails, Contacts, Call Records and personalisation options.

All businesses are provided with a manager portal with advanced options such as Call Recordings and Call Reports plus advanced system settings.

3 Portal levels are available with different permissions dependin on how much access you want to grant individual users of the system.

  • User
  • Manager
  • Corporate

Optional Applications . . .

ShineCloud Communicator

A multimedia communications app that allows you to integrate all your communication channels such as: Fax, IP cameras, messaging / chat, call monitoring, mobile, video calling, conferencing and much more.

ShineCloud communicator is offered in three versions:

  • ShineCloud Business - High end features for every type of business.
  • ShineCloud Agent: Everything in Business + Enhanced call centre features at low cost.
  • ShineCloud Supervisor: Everything in Agent + Enhanced supervisory & monitoring features perfect for managers.
Compare Versions inline Full details
Version Business Agent Supervisor
Unified Comms Mode
PBX Accounts
Lines Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Soft Phone
Mobile Phone
Office Phone
Any Phone
Office Phone Control
Answer a call
Switch Between Calls
Transfer a Call
Hold / Resume
Click To Dial
Unified Comms Features
File Transfer
Drag and Drop
Instant Messaging by Chat Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Department Group Messaging Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MS Outlook Contacts
MS Exchange
Apple Address Book
Google Contacts
Send V Card
Switch phone
Web Browser Integration
Email Client Integration
iTunes Integration
Personal Message
Avatar Image
Standard Comms Features
Voice Calling
Video Calling
Voicemail Access / Control
Faxing (FOIP)
PBXware Directory
Conferencing Features
Dynamic Conferencing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Static Conferencing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Standard Applications Features
Multilingual Interface
Online Self Care (OSC)
Standard Comms Features
Color Schemes
Different View Modes
Quick Configuration
Automatic Updates
Multi Tenant Compatable
Call Center Features
Supervisor Panel
Real Time Call Monitoring
Agent Status Efficiency
Wallboard Facility
Agent Operations
Agents Panel
t ready reason codes

ShineCloud Mobile

Whether you are in or out of the office ShineCloud Mobile brings your phone system functionality to your smartphone. Design of the applications makes the switch easy to BYOD operations with setup from download to call in less thank a minute - it couldn't be easier. Users are able to access the pBX core capabilities outside of the office.

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