How it Works...

ShineCloud brings together all the factors required to provide you with a fully featured phone system. ShineCloud provides you with connectivity, inclusive minutes and support all combined into a single monthly bill, making telecoms easier than ever before.

Step 1: Choose a phone

With an extensive range of handsets to suit all budgets you're sure to find the phone for you. Take a look at our hosted handset options.

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Step 2: Choose number of users (seat licenses)

From 1 user to 1000 users ShineCloud is a flexible solution for all businesses and industries. Whether your a mobile worker like an electrician / plumber / web designer or a big multisite business you can take advantage of high end PBX features located in the Cloud.

Step 3: Choose optional extras

Depending on your business you may want more advanced features. With mix n match you only pay for the features that you really need saving you money and providing you with an easy to use fully blown telephone system.

Options include...
  • Shine Cloud Communicator
  • ShineCloud Mobile
  • ShineCloud Portal
  • ShineCloud CRM
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Step 4: Plug 'n' Play to make calls

Once you have signed up we will pre configure your phones and send them direct to you. All phones can be plugged in to any location with an internet connection and will work straight out of the box!
Users can immediately use all the standard features like Auto Attendant, Call forwarding, Do not disturb, transfer and more!
Clever huh?

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