Gigaset Maxwell

Maxwell inspires communication and interactivity with features that you won't find on any other office phone. With a 10.1 " full colour Touchscreen and a user interface designed to mimic standard tablet interfaces users can quickly access powerful apps and information from databses and internal libraries.

Plug & Play

High Resilience

We use the top network carriers ensuring a stable and resilient connection offering complete peace of mind.

Corded or wireless headsets

Our dedicated support team are available to resolve any issues you have and help familiarise yourself with the phones.

HD Voice

All handsets offer crystal clear HD voice improving customer satisfaction and productivity.

Quick and east set up.

All phones are pre configured before being dispatched to your office and you simply need to plug in your phones to get started.

PBX Basic Features

  • Privacy

    • Call ID Blocking
    • Block anonymous calls
    • Block anonymous divert
    • Block anonymous reject
    • Block anonymous divert to voicemail
  • Do Not Disturb

    • DND
    • Place caller on Hold
  • Call transfer

    • Call transfer attended
    • Call transfer unattended
    • Call transfer blind
  • Call Divert

    • Always
    • Busy
    • No Answer
  • Call forwarding

    • Always
    • Busy
    • No Answer
    • Sequential
    • Parallel
    • Overflow
  • Call History

    • Calls made
    • Calls received
    • Calls missed
    • Call search
  • Time based Routing

    At certain times of day you can set incoming calls (for any dialled number) to route to specific devices / extensions

    Set rules for messages and voicemail

  • Extension Dialling

    Quick options for calling other users

  • Last Caller

    • Responsive & touch-friendly
    • Horizontal & vertical accordion
    • Load content with AJAX
    • Slider accordion with images
    • CSS3 transitions with fallback (superfast on mobile & tablet)
    • Semantic HTML5 & SEO friendly
    • Keyboard navigation & WAI-ARIA support
    • 10 unique skins, nested & multiple instances
    • Free updates & support
  • Click to Dial

    Clipboard dialling

    For more advanced click to dial with CRM system see SC communicator...

  • Music on Hold

    Standard recorded music available to callers whilst on hold or transfer.
  • Call Parking

    What is call parking...

  • Call Group

    Conference calling and Conference Rooms

  • Call Queues

    Allow users to know they are in a queue

  • Call Waiting

    Alert users that a caller is currently waiting

  • Address Book

    • User
    • Shared
    • Company
  • Mobile Twinning

    Mobile rings at same time as deskphone

    See Shine Cloud Mobile for advanced mobile calling features...

  • Voicemail

    • User
    • Group
    • VM to email
    • VM to SMS
  • Fax to Email

    Allows users to convert fax to emails seamlessly.

  • Conferencing

    Conference calling and Conference Rooms

  • Video Calling

    Users need a compatable phone or SC communicator.

PBX Applications

SC Communicator

Provides unified comms in a powerful multimedia app capable of integrating all your communication channels including: mobile, fax, email, messaging and more...

SC Mobile

A powerful and flexible communication tool to all ShineCloud users - designed to stretch the PBX influence outside of the office.

SC Portal

3 levels of portal access : User, Manager and Corporate providing you with quick and easy access to manage your phone system.

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