Bolt On's


For multi departmental businesses Auto Attendant is a great feature that allows callers to select the correct department or extension when calling in. Users can select from the keypad specific departments to route their call quicker to the right person.

Call Queueing

Instead of hearing the engaged tone callers can wait in a queue and be notified of their position in that queue.

For more enhanced call queueing management such as priority transfer or visual monitoring of callers waiting in queues take a look at SC Communicator - Supervisor edition.

Professional Greetings

If you want a more personalised greeting for your callers then you can opt for a professional voice over artist to record custom greetings and prompts. Two versions are available: MoH Pro Record and AA Pro Record.

Mobile Minutes

ShineCloud comes pre bundled with mobile minutes but if you find your business requires more than the standard 500 mins then we offer great mobile inclusive bundled minutes providing further cost savings.

Wireless/Wired Headsets

All yealink phones are compatable with either a wired or wireless headset. Specific phones also cater for bluetooth enabled headsets.

WiFi Networks

For businesses interested in our Wireless Network offering please call us. Shine are able to offer state of the art wireless access points providing a step towards a truly wireless office.